Back Pain Becomes Leading Cause of Global Disability

Apr, 3 2014

Back pain has become the leading cause of global disability.  It is amazing how a simple condition like back pain is disabling the world.   Lets take a look at America.  31 million Americans suffer from low back pain at any given time.  This is about 10% of the population.  When we put this into the work place, it is costing American businesses billions of dollars when someone misses work due to loss of productivity.  A simple condition like back pain that is causing so much havoc on America and the world.  What options do we have to solve a condition like this?

More and more people are going to the medical doctor for back pain.  Medical doctors will recommend an MRI to see exactly if it is a disc issue or not.  No offense to any medical doctor but the only tools you have are drugs and surgery.  So, you go into a doctor for a condition like back pain, and depending on the severity, you are given a drug for the pain, muscle relaxer and anti-inflammatory.  Sounds like the standard protocol for all the patients I see.  Now, what if you are given a pain killer like Oxycotin?  A pain killer that is very much known to be highly addicting.  Now, not only do you have lower back pain but you have a drug addiction.


Lower Back Pain Global Disability Article

How about the situation where they send you to a physical therapist for a specific amount of time to see if they can rule out surgery?  That is another option that may come up.  But, what happens when the physical therapy doesn’t work?  What options are left?  If you are still on the medical model path, you are looking for surgery.  Which ones do they offer?  Shave your disc?  Remove the disc?  Cortisone shots?  OR fusion of the spine?  All of these options are going to cause back pain to come back and be more severe on while adding more damage to the body.

What other options would someone have?  Massage?  Yoga? Exercise?  How about Chiropractic?  Did you know Chiropractic was the best option for lower back pain results than any other medical and/or alternative routes?  Did you know that with proper chiropractic care, it helps relieve the pain and allows you to improve your digestive system, reproductive system, bladder system, muscles in your legs and function of your walk and gait plus much more.  Unlike drugs that ALL have negative side effects, Chiropractic has POSITIVE side effects only.  By seeing a Chiropractor, we see what is actually causing the lower back pain and how we can correct it so your body can function and heal the way it was designed to living pain free.  Which would you want to choose?

Article on Chiropractic and Lower Back Pain

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