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Success Stories

"Over the two months I've been seeing Dr. Vic I can tell my energy level is up, my posture is improved, and neck pain has subsided. The entire staff (namely Brittany) is extremely personable and engaging and I always enjoy my appointments at their office. I highly recommend Dimensional Family Wellness because they provide a friendly atmosphere, with sophisticated treatments, and superior results. "

Ryan Williamson - March 2013 ,

After giving birth to my son, I could not consume any fresh fruit and vegetables with seeds. If I did, I would have an allergic reaction. I always suffered from hay fever, allergies, headaches, sinus issues and fatigue. After about 5-6 months, I am able to enjoy an apple, banana and a variety of other fruits and vegetables!” Another thing is my stress levels have drastically reduced to where I feel “normal” again. Normal being less tension, anxious, anxiety and racing mind with a lot of thoughts.

Sandra Rodriguez Aug 2012

Doc, I want to tell you that I have never felt as good as I do today. Thank you for making me feel my best I ever have in the past 79 years of my life. I don't see you as my doctor, but as my friend!

Fran Mara Sept 2012

"I am proud to say that I am one of the original practice members of Dimensional Family Wellness. After turning 40, I was naturally more concerned about my aging body and how to keep myself as healthy as possible so I can still act like I'm 26. ;-) Dr. Vic is not just a great chiropractor, he is a great educator, mentor, motivator, and the best resource I have ever had whenever it comes to questions about my health and nutrition. Every visit is not just an important and valuable adjustment, it's a pleasurable experience that makes me feel stronger and smarter every time I leave his office. He and his staff are very personable with all of their patients and you can feel that they truly have a relationship with everyone. I have a great relationship with my Chiropractor and that is why I continue to go back every week."

Brian Doruff March 2013

“I have been suffering with gout for the past 3-4 years. I couldn’t go to sleep at night because my ankle, my knee, my joints were throbbing! I was taking three different medications that had long term side effects like kidney damage and dialysis. After working with Dr. Manzo for 30 days, I am off most my drugs and not needing to take them daily! I am not experiencing any major gout flare ups and if I do, I take 2 medications one time, instead of 4-5times and my body heals the rest! And I feel great and looking forward to a long term relationship with Dr. Manzo!

Matt Sapaula Oct 2012

"It is a delight to go into the office, receive an adjustment and mingle with some of the practice members. It is like a small community. Dr. Vic calls it, 'The DFW Family' and he truly treats everyone like a family member."

Veronica Sandoval Feb 2012

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